Also available at the orchard are delicious seasonal preserves. 

Our range of Frances & Williamsfine handmade seasonal jams, relishes and fruit pastes have been created with great care in small batches so that they retain the wonderful colour, texture and flavour of the fruit.

Phone us on (03)9756 6806 or email idealdecor@iinet.net.au for an order form.

No artificial additives or colours are used in our products therefore refrigeration after opening is recommended. (220g jars)

Chestnut Honey Blend
(360g net, glass jar)

Chestnut honey sold in Australia is usually imported from Italy and France. Our organic gourmet chestnut honey blend comes from our own orchard in Olinda, Victoria. It is cold-pressed (cold-extracted) and unprocessed (no additives), so that the product retains its special enzymes that makes it so healthy..

The flavour is rich and aromatic. Try it drizzled over fresh ricotta and sprinkled with crushed roasted hazelnuts or almonds delicious and nutritious!

Chestnut Flour
(Gluten Free!)

This organic flour made from 100% Australian chestnuts has a distinctive sweet, nutty aroma.  Once opened, keep it in an airtight container in a cool place like the fridge. To have the flour at its optimum, buy in small quantities.

Chestnut flour is gluten-free and suitable for those with gluten intolerance.

(Sold in 400g bags)

Chestnut Peeler

Make easy work of peeling raw chestnuts with an easy to use chestnut peeler that is lightweight and strong. Manufactured in Japan, this high quality peeler has a chrome plated steel cutting mechanism and polypropolene handles. The serrated edge grasps the chestnut and the sharp blade cuts and quickly peels away the shell using a scissor action.

The peeler comes with a set of replacement blades and additional replacement blades can also be purchased (2 sharp/1 serrated). For those who are left-handed, just swap the blade & serrated edge from one side of the peeler to the other easy!

Watch a video on how it works!