Spring time at Ruefleur

Sunshine bursts through the greyness of a long cold winter in the mountains and nature begins her sojourn into Spring. Bare chestnut trees, surrounded by acres of golden daffodils, wait to begin another season. We wait in anticipation to see what this year heralds.

Forming chestnuts

The small burrs continue to form, nourished by rich mountain soil, sunshine & rain

View of the Ruefleur orchard

We are open by appointment only for u-pick and purchase during April, depending on length of season and stock availability

The Beginning..

In December catkins form on the trees to be pollinated by insects & the wind. Male (staminate) catkins form on the lower parts of the shoot and the female (pistillate) flowers are found toward the tip of the shoot. The pollinated flowers eventually fall and the chestnuts slowly form. Each burr usually bears three flowers and may yield three nuts.

Ready at last

Ripe chestnuts ready to fall on the ground from their prickly burr
Another view of the orchard..

100 chestnut trees in all